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9 June 2023

Call for Proposals – Interdisciplinary Reading Groups

The Research Institute for the Humanities (RIH) invites proposals from the research postgraduate (RPg) student community to form interdisciplinary reading groups in the academic year 2023/24. The purpose of this initiative is to promote more interaction among RPg students from different disciplines and programmes.


Interdisciplinary Reading Groups
  1. Reading groups are expected to be initiated and organized by RPg students from the Faculty of Arts.
  2. Such groups should be open to anyone interested, including RPg students, research staff and faculty members from across departments.
  3. Each group should have five or more members from at least two disciplines or programmes and meet at least three times per academic year. The group is expected to read and discuss scholarship from different disciplines and/or to read and workshop participants’ papers or work-in-progress.
  4. Each group may invite a guest participant (such as an author whose work is on the reading list), either from CUHK or from outside CUHK, to lead a particular meeting and discussion during the school year.
  5. Supported reading groups will be publicized on the RIH website.


Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Reading Groups
  1. Each group should have a Coordinator responsible for managing group activities.
  2. The Coordinator will submit an application on behalf the group and present a report on group activities at the conclusion of the school year.
  3. The Coordinator will also help manage the expenses of the group.


Support to Interdisciplinary Reading Groups
  1. The RIH will provide logistical assistance (such as scheduling a meeting place and making arrangements for a visitor) to the group.
  2. Each group will receive up to HK$15,000 to cover the general costs of the reading group (e.g. books for members if e-copies are unavailable and post-meeting meals) and expenses for inviting a guest participant. A group may submit a special request for other expenses.


Interested RPg students should submit a proposal using this template.

Completed proposals should be sent to by 9 June 2023. Please send inquiries to the same email address as well.

Applications will be reviewed by the Director of RIH and endorsed by the Faculty Dean. Results will be announced in July 2023.



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